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Why will Adani spend 20 thousand crores on Dharavi, what will he benefit from this?

60 thousand families live in small slums here, and many factories also run in the narrow streets. If you want to see the real struggle of human life, then there is no better place than this township. Someone should learn from the people of this place to ignore the basic facilities just in the jugaad of bread on June 2. Well, now the days of this township are about to turn and Adani Group is going to do this work. After all, this group achieved the mega project which changed the face of Dharavi  is. 

Adani Group will do the redevelopment work

Development work is to be done here under the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. This work is going to be done by the country’s largest Adani Group. In fact, Asia’s richest man Gautam Adani’s company has made the highest bid for the redevelopment project of this slum settled by the British in 1882.

According to a PTI report, on November 29, in the bids floated by the Maharashtra government for the redevelopment of Dharavi, the Adani group has made it its name by placing the highest bid. Adani Group bid 5,069 for this project. While 2 other groups also participated in it, Naman Group could not qualify and a bid of 2,025 crores was made by DLF Limited for this project. 

According to SVR Srinivas, CEO of Dharavi Redevelopment Project, Adani Group has doubled the bid from DLF Limited. After which the work of its redevelopment will be done by Adani Group, but before that its complete details will be sent to the Government of Maharashtra. The work will be started after the approval of the Maharashtra government.

Pucca houses and commercial complex will be built 
Under the redevelopment of this slum area, pucca houses, basic facilities, cleanliness and better place to live will be provided to the people living here . Due to this, it will be identified as the most developed place instead of the filthiest congested slum. In place of the slums and narrow streets built here, there will be good houses and open roads, as well as commercial complexes will also be built. According to a report, there are more than 5 thousand registered businessmen in Dharavi slum, who do their own business here. There are also more than 15,000 factories here, although due to lack of space, these factories are confined to very small streets.

There is no toilet facility
This slum of Mumbai is called Asia’s largest slum. At the same time, it is also at the forefront in terms of dirt. More than 80 percent of the people living here use public toilets. Due to the narrow streets, there is no proper arrangement for cleanliness. 

The picture will change in the next 7 years
Dharavi slum is spread over about 620 acres, out of which land will be given to Adani Group for redevelopment. Under this project, lakhs of people living here will be rehabilitated, who currently live in a small one-room house. Here many people live together in small slums where there are no adequate facilities for toilets, kitchen etc. This Dharavi redevelopment project of the Government of Maharashtra is worth 20 thousand crore rupees, which is to be completed in 7 years.

The work of redevelopment is stuck for many years
The work of redevelopment of Dharavi slum was stuck for many years, tell that for the first time in the year 1999, the Maharashtra government came up with a proposal for its redevelopment. Was. After which the government prepared its plan in the year 2003-2004. The government had planned to redevelop it in collaboration with a company. After which now Adani Group has acquired this project by placing the highest bid for this project. Maharashtra government wants to develop Dharavi as a business center under this project, as well as plans to convert it into a better residential colony for the people living here. 

According to a report published in Mint, in the year 2016 also, the government had taken out tenders regarding its  redevelopment, but then no company could get this project, then again in the year 2018, the government made its efforts. Then Adani Group also tried to get this project, but Adani Group could not get this project during that time. During that time Senklink Technology Corporation had made its highest bid, but then in the year 2020 this deal was cancelled.

Then this year in 2022, bidding started again regarding this project, in which many foreign companies of UAE including South Korea also participated. But she could not reach the final deal. It also included Adani Group, DLF Limited and Naman Group. But Naman Group was disqualified and then among Adani Group and DLF Limited, Adani Group won the project by placing the highest bid.

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