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WHO team engaged in search of virus ‘X’ to stop epidemic like Kovid

Coronavirus originated from China and gradually spread all over the world. In no time, this virus took the form of an epidemic. In the last few years, people have seen such situations regarding this disease, which hardly anyone would have thought before.

Now it has been almost 4 years since this global epidemic. But the danger is still not averted, its outbreak is still being seen in many countries.  China is facing lockdown again. Vaccination campaigns are also being run on a large scale in many countries including India.

However, this sudden disease has now alerted everyone. This is the reason why the World Health Organization is identifying such pathogens (pathogens) which can become an epidemic in the future. This is because those pathogens can be identified and their prevention and proper treatment can be adopted beforehand. 

WHO is searching for virus ‘X’
According to the information given by WHO, such viruses are being searched, which can take the form of an epidemic like corona in the coming times. For this, a list of those micro-organisms and bacteria is being prepared, which can take the form of virus and spread the epidemic in the world. For this WHO has prepared a team of more than 300 scientists who are working on it. Along with this the team of WHO scientists is also searching for treatment 

WHO meeting It has been decided that more than 300 scientists will search for virus and bacteria as well as disease ‘X’ which can become an epidemic in the future. A list of 25 of these viruses has also been made. 

WHO had prepared the first list in 2017

 Earlier  Also in the year 2017  A list was prepared and research was also done on that. But this time the virus family has also been included in the list. Including COVID-19, Ebola virus, Zika virus, Nipah virus, Lassa fever, Marburg virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MEAS), Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Marburg virus, Henipaviral disease, Rift Valley fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic Along with fever  Virus X is also included in this list. Dr. Narendra Saini, Chairman and Farmer General Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, said that virus X has also been included in this list. Since then, plans are being made for treatment and prevention, which is a better and necessary step so that conditions like Corona do not recur. He told that there is no virus or disease named ‘X’ yet, scientists have used this name for the virus found in the future during the search. 

Dr. During this time people did not have treatment, there was a shortage of medicines, there was an outcry in the hospital regarding medical facilities like doctors and beds, had to wait a long time for vaccination. But WHO is working on this plan so that such situations are not seen in the coming times. can become such as Ebola, Lassa, MEAS and SARS viruses. 

These measures will prevent epidemics
The doctor told that with Corona this Diseases are also spreading. In such a situation, it is necessary that people should be made aware about them, methods of protection should be adopted from them. Along with this, the patients suffering from these viruses should be treated as soon as possible so that this virus does not progress further and maximum vaccination should be done. Through these methods, any infection spreading disease can be stopped from growing. However, the doctor said that these measures could not be taken regarding corona because there was no awareness among the people about that virus. Did not know about this virus, research took a long time and vaccination could not be done in the beginning. But right now we can prevent other diseases by taking all these measures.

WHO to prevent epidemics by identifying pathogens   
WHO Health Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the Emergencies Program, said that when a disease suddenly increases, it is not possible to develop prevention, treatment and vaccination in a short time, therefore it is necessary to identify pathogens as a priority and their blueprint And the roadmap should be prepared.

Along with this, WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan says that this list of Pathogens will alert us to fight the next threat and we will know in which direction to work. . It has been prepared in collaboration with experts from different countries. After which work will be done to develop research, treatment and vaccination at the global level.

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