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When will the new moon of the month of Paush fall, know which work should not be done on this day

Read this article to know when the Amavasya of Pausha month in Hinduism will fall this year and what are the rules for worshiping ancestors, bathing, donating etc.

Paush Amavasya 2022: When will the last Amavasya of the year fall and what are the rules of its worship

Paush Amavasya 2022 worship method and rules

In Sanatan tradition, every day and date has one or the other Teej-festival or fast within it. According to Panchang, there are 15 days of Krishna Paksha and 15 days of Shukla Paksha in Hindi month. The fifteenth date of Krishna Paksha, which is called Amavasya, is going to fall on 23 December 2022 in the month of Paush. In Hinduism, the new moon day of Pausha month has been considered very auspicious for worshiping ancestors, bathing and donating etc. It is believed that if Shraddha, Tarpan and donation is done for the ancestors on this day, then they attain salvation. Let us know in detail about the method, rules and measures of worship of Paush Amavasya.

Worship method of Paush Amavasya

If possible, wake up early in the morning on the new moon day of the month of Paush and take a bath in the river Ganga or take a bath by adding Ganga water to the bath water. After this offer Arghya to the Sun God. In the month of Paush, which is called Mini Pitripaksha, the worship done for the ancestors is considered very virtuous, therefore, on this day, specially do Tarpan and Shradh to the ancestors. Fasting on the new moon day and lighting a lamp under a Peepal tree in the evening gives a lot of merit.

Desires will be fulfilled by this donation of Paush Amavasya

In astrology, to remove the defects related to the Navagrahas and to get their auspicious results, donations have been given on all the dates and festivals. It is believed that people who have Shani or Pitridosh in their horoscope, they should specially donate some things on the new moon day of Paush month. According to astrology, on the day of Paush Amavasya, donating black blanket, black shoes, black umbrella, black shoes, black slippers, urad dal, sesame laddoos, etc. to a needy person, the defects related to Shani are removed and the ancestors are blessed. Is.

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Remedies for Paush Amavasya

  • If possible, take a bath in the Ganges on the new moon day of the month of Pausha.
  • To get the blessings of the ancestors on Paush Amavasya, along with performing Shraddha, do charity in their name.
  • To get the virtuous fruit of Paush Amavasya, worship Lord Krishna and recite Shrimad Bhagwad Gita on this day.
  • Feed flour pellets to the fishes in a river or pond etc. on Paush Amavasya.
  • Offer water to Peepal tree on the new moon day of Paush month and light a lamp of pure ghee.

Do not forget to do this work on Paush Amavasya

  • Even by mistake on the new moon day of Paush month, one should not abuse or talk bad about one’s forefathers.
  • If someone comes to ask for donation on Paush Amavasya, he should not be returned empty handed.
  • There should not be any quarrel in the house on the new moon day of Paush month, nor should one lie to anyone.
  • Tamasik things like meat and alcohol should not be consumed on the new moon day of Paush month.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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