Test match: Have you ever seen a 12-day test match in your life? You must be wondering whether this can happen. But you will be surprised to know that in the year 1939, a Test match was played between South Africa and England which ended after 12 days. In this test match, both the teams together scored 1981 runs. The special thing is that even after 12 days there was no result of this match and this match was drawn.

Something like this was the adventure of 12 days
Actually this match between England and South Africa lasted so long after rest day and washout. On the first day, South Africa scored 229 runs and lost two wickets. On the second day, he took 6 wickets and took it to 423. The third day was Sunday and it was considered as Rest Day. The game started again on the fourth day and South Africa scored 530 runs for the loss of all wickets. Someday England also started their innings and scored 35 runs for the loss of 1 wicket.

The game started again on the fifth day and England scored 268 runs and their 7 wickets fell. When the game started on the sixth day, England extended their innings and the entire team was all out after scoring 316 runs. South Africa got a lead of 214 runs in the first innings. On the same day South Africa scored 153 runs for 3 wickets. On the seventh day, Africa’s innings was reduced to 481 runs.

When the match started on the eighth day, England lost 1 wicket after making 253 runs in the whole day. The ninth day of the match got washed out due to rain and the game could not be played. Day 10 was again a Sunday and it was a rest day, so the match did not happen. Eventually, on the 11th day, England scored 496 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. England needed 200 runs to win on the 12th day. It was the last day of the match and in such a situation, till the tea break, England had scored 654 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. England needed just 42 runs to win. But then it started raining and this match could not be played. In this way, this match, which lasted for 12 days, was drawn.

Do you know that a Test match was played between England and West Indies in Kingston in 1930 which lasted for 10 days. But the 12-day match between England and South Africa broke this record and made a new record. Overall, the England team had to leave on the 12th day, so this match had to be ended. This match was very interesting.

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