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Decision Review System, hotspot technology, UltraEdge technology: The last match of the three-Test series between India and South Africa is being played in Cape Town. The controversy over captain Dean Elgar’s DRS in South Africa’s second innings on the third day of the match is now increasing. Indian players got angry after Elgar was given not out. Many Indian players, including captain Kohli, vented their anger on the stump mic. At the same time, questions are also being raised on Hawkeye technology since this incident. Stay connected for the latest sports news – hindi.insidesport.in

hawkeye technology, hotspot technology, UltraEdge technology, Decision Review System, DRS: So what is Hawkeye and how does it work? Actually there are three techniques used in DRS to find out whether the batsman is out or not. The first of these is UltraL, the second is Hot Spot and the third is Hawk Eye Technique. In this news, we are going to tell you about these three techniques in detail.

Know about DRS
DRS stands for Decision Review System. This allows players to challenge the on-field umpire’s decision. DRS In the fielding team only the captain has the right to take, while the player in the batting team who is at the crease can challenge the decision of the umpire. If his demand is true, the third umpire overturns the on-field umpire’s decision. In such DRS But if the player’s demand turns out to be wrong, then the DRS is spent and after three wrong demands the team is left with no DRS. The time allotted for this is 15 seconds.

Hawkeye technology

  • This technique is used for the decision of LBW. Through this technique, it is estimated where the ball will go after falling on the pitch. Would this ball have had contact with the stump, or not?
  • In this technique, it is shown first where the ball hit the ball and after that how much the fork changed. If this ball did not hit the batsman’s foot, then where would the ball go with the same angle?
  • But this technology has always been under question. Many experts believe that each pitch has a different bounce. In such a situation, the exact estimate that the umpire standing on the field can make, it is not a matter of computer bus.

Hotspot technology
We can call this technique something like X-ray. Wherever the ball hits, there is a white mark visible. The umpire uses this technique to see if the ball has taken the edge of the bat. If the ball hits the bat or wherever it hits, a white circle appears. However, it is quite expensive and most of the grounds do not have this facility. It is also not being used in the series between India and South Africa.

UltraEdge technology
First of all, through ultra-edge and video footage, it is seen whether the ball is on the bat or not. UltraEdge technology hears sound through the stump mic and captures even the faintest of sounds. In such a situation, even if the fine edge of the bat is hit, the decision of out or not out is made through this technique. This technique is used for catching out or to find out whether the ball has hit the bat or not.

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