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What happens post narco interview that will make Aftab go to jail?

Shraddha Murder Case: The narco test of Shraddha murder accused Aftab Poonawalla was completed on Thursday (December 1). Tihar Jail sources say that now his post narco interview will be done inside Tihar Jail on Friday (December 2).

A 4 member team of FSL Rohini and the investigating officer of Shraddha murder case will be involved in this interview. Keeping in mind the safety of Aftab, the court has given this instruction. Its time will be from 10 am to 3 pm. Accused Aftab’s narco test was done at Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini. The test started at around 10 am, which lasted for about two hours.

What did FSL say?

Aftab was asked many questions and answers during the test in the presence of FSL officials and experts. FSL sources have claimed that the narco test will definitely help in the police investigation. However, after the narco test was over on Thursday afternoon, FSL’s Assistant Director Dr. Sanjeev Gupta also said that since the matter is very serious, Aftab’s post narco test can also be done. After which Tihar Jail sources gave information about the post test interview on Friday (December 2) at night.

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What is Post Test Interview?

FSL Assistant Director Dr. Sanjeev Gupta says that the answers to the questions given in the polygraph test and narco test are mixed. The questions for which there is a difference in answer or there is doubt in the answer to the questions, those questions are repeated in the post test interview. The reason for the difference coming in the questions is asked. This process takes 2 to 4 hours.

After the attack on Aftab’s jail van, the Tihar Jail administration had demanded the third battalion of Delhi Police to increase its security while taking it out of the jail and bringing it back. After which Aftab was being escorted from Tihar but for the post test interview where it was being said to bring Aftab to Rohini FSL first. On the other hand, keeping in view the security, the court has now directed to conduct this interview inside the jail itself.

Aftab was brought amid tight security

Aftab was brought out of Tihar Jail at around 8:15 am on Thursday (December 1) for the narco test. Under his protection, a vehicle of police personnel used to escort the jail van along with it. Due to Aftab’s narco test, a large number of security personnel were deployed in the administrative block. Aftab’s medical examination was done before the start of the test. His approval was taken on camera, after which the test started at around 10 am. A team of experts from FSL’s psychological and photo departments as well as doctors and assistants from Ambedkar Hospital were involved in the test.

narco test lasted so long

Aftab’s narco test lasted for about 2 hours. After completing the narco test at around 12 noon, he was kept in the observation room for about an hour. After that he got medical again. Then around 1 pm, he was sent back to Tihar Jail amidst tight security.

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