‘We will fight together against BJP’s principles, conduct’: Mallikarjun Kharge on winter session of Parliament


New Delhi :

The winter session of Parliament is likely to be a tumultuous one. The Congress-led opposition parties will leave no chance to target the Narendra Modi-led central government during this period. Congress veteran and MP Mallikarjun Kharge (Mallikarjun Kharge) spoke to NDTV on this issue. He said that we will ask him why there was a delay in withdrawing these three black laws against farmers? For a year, farmers have been sitting on the movement in the sun, rain, winter, still they are sitting. In such a situation, the government should have thought about the farmers immediately. Kharge said, ‘My question is, does it take 1 year 4 months to replicate? Modiji said that the laws are good but they could not convince the farmers. This means that the laws are good, they want to keep it, but now that there are elections in the states, they came to know that the farmers are against us. These people will issue this law again. What about the more than 700 farmers who lost their lives?’

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The Congress leader said, ‘We all want to fight together against the principles and conduct of the BJP. This is our aim. We will fight outside, no matter what the party is, but in the house we will speak in the interest of the country. We will fight the problems of the people together. We will discuss repeal of law, will discuss petrol diesel and will discuss what China is attacking in the country. There are many such questions whose list is there, we will raise all these issues. There is also the issue of Pegasus. They will discuss the work they did during Kovid. Will also discuss on PM Care Fund.


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