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Vegetables have become so cheap in this state, troubled farmers requested the government to fix the MSP

Karnataka News: Due to the increase in the production of tomatoes and onions in Karnataka, the farmers of the state are very worried due to the huge fall in the prices of these vegetables. Kolar District Fruit and Vegetable Producers Sangharsh Samiti has demanded the government to declare minimum support price for onion and tomato growers to protect the interests of the farmers. According to the sources of the Yeshwantpur Agricultural Produce Market Committee here, onion prices had come down to between Rs 2 and 10 per kg a few days ago. However, now the price of onion has gone up from Rs 12 to Rs 18 per kg.

An onion grower from Bengaluru said, “The price of Rs 12 a kg is also a very low price in front of all our difficulties. The expenses incurred on transportation, loading and unloading and growing the crop add up to a sizeable amount.” .

receipt going viral on social media

Pavadeppa Hallikeri, a farmer from Thimmapura in Gadag district in northern Karnataka, got a good yield of onions and instead of selling it at the Gadag APMC yard, he decided to sell it in Bengaluru. When he reached the Bengaluru market with 205 kg of onions on November 22, he came to know that the price in the city had dropped to Rs 2 per kg.

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Thus, he got Rs.410 and had to pay Rs.401.64 as unloading charges for his produce. He got only Rs 8.36 in hand and the ‘copy’ of his bill has now gone viral on social media. The onion grower said, “It was a mistake to grow onions and take it to Bengaluru for good profit. Hallikeri said it was a double whammy for farmers in his area – the area was flooded and prices fell.

The price of tomato has also come down significantly.

The plight of tomato growers in South Karnataka is no different from that of onion growers in North Karnataka. According to Manjunath, the wholesale vegetable trader of KR Market, tomatoes are being sold in the wholesale market at Rs 5 to Rs 6 per kg, while in retail, tomatoes are between Rs 8 and Rs 12 per kg. Nilaturu Chinappa Reddy, president of the Kolar District Fruit and Vegetable Producers’ Struggle Committee, has demanded that the government announce the minimum support price for onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

Reddy told PTI-language, “We vegetable growers are very worried. Despite all the hard work, labour, investment and waiting for months, we are hardly getting Rs.1.5 per kg of tomatoes today. We are getting only Rs 300 for growing two quintals of tomatoes.

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