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Uproar over Badruddin Ajmal’s statement amid Gujarat elections, know who replied

Badruddin Ajmal Controversial Statement: In the midst of the Gujarat Assembly Election, a controversial statement by AIUDF President Badruddin Ajmal has created a ruckus. He said something like this during a program in Karimganj, Assam, after which BJP and Hindu organizations have started criticizing Ajmal. Many MPs and MLAs from Union Minister Giriraj Singh have condemned Ajmal’s statement and have also advised him to control his language.

Badruddin Ajmal had said, “They (Hindus) keep 2-3 wives illegally before 40 years. After 40 years, where is the ability to produce children. They have to adopt the formula of Muslims for 18- Should get married at the age of 20.

‘This is an insult to daughters-in-law’

There has been a ruckus on this controversial statement of Badruddin Ajmal and politics has also started. National President of Hindu Mahasabha, Chakrapani Maharaj said, “This is an insult to all daughters-in-law, so I want to say to Ajmal Sahab, adopt Hindu Sanatan and we have a relationship of seven births, in our place a woman just gives birth to a child.” We don’t understand the machine to do, we say Sita Ram, Radha says Krishna. Come here learn from Hindus and learn from saints. Religious jihad is filled in them. If you want to take knowledge, take it from Hindus.”

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‘Badruddin should not give us advice’

BJP MP from Begusarai and Union Minister Giriraj Singh also lashed out at Ajmal. He said, “People like Badruddin should not give us advice. Love has always been worshiped in Sanatan Dharma and this is symbolized by the fact that our forefather King Sagar had sixty thousand sons, whereas Krishna had 16,000 girlfriends and wives.” The Union Minister further said, “Today there are only those Muslims in India who were not respected by the Mughals during the Mughal period.”

‘Ajmal has given a very bad statement’

Senior BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain also condemned Ajmal’s statement. He said, “Ajmal ji has given a very bad statement. Such poisonous language should not be spoken. There is a law in India for marriage, children become adults after 18 years, this statement is shameful. There is resentment. They should apologise.”

Jaiveer Shergil also targeted

Jaiveer Shergil, who left Congress and joined BJP some time back, also reprimanded Badruddin Ajmal for his controversial statement. He said, “Badruddin Ajmal is making such statements to remain in the media.”

‘It’s very unfortunate’

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak has also reacted to Ajmal’s statement. He said, “It is very unfortunate and such remarks will not be accepted.” At the same time, he retaliated on a statement of Rahul Gandhi as well. Deputy CM Pathak said that Rahul Gandhi is unaware that BJP has taken India’s culture to the international level, people have now rejected Rahul Gandhi.

‘Bangladeshis have no place here’

BJP MLA Digant Kalita said in Guwahati, “You are Muslim and we are Hindu. Do we have to learn from you how to live? We don’t need to learn from Muslims. This is the country of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. Bangladeshis are here.” People have no place.”

‘He acts like a hunter’

BJP MP Pabitra Margherita slammed Ajmal, saying, “These words are unconstitutional and not accepted in a civilized society. He is like a ‘messiah’ for the minority people in Assam and the North East, especially those of Islam.” Works but he actually acts like a hunter. Government should take strict action against this Islamic agenda.”

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