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UP-Bihar covered with fog, possibility of rain in MP-Maharashtra, know the weather condition across the country

India Weather News: The winter season has started from the beginning of December. Snowfall on the mountains has forced the plains to chill. There has been a huge drop in the temperature of Sheetlahar in the whole of North India. The rain in South India has increased the trouble further.

From Delhi-NCR to UP-Bihar, the temperature has decreased by about 5 degrees. Dense fog was seen in UP-Bihar today. According to the Meteorological Department, in the coming days, the cold will increase further with fog. Due to this people will feel cold throughout the day.

fog covered UP-Bihar

Dense fog was seen in UP and Bihar since night. The effect of fog is also being seen on the railways. Many trains going to and from UP-Bihar are running late. Due to the cold wave, passengers are facing a lot of inconveniences at the stations. According to the Meteorological Department, it will be cloudy all day today in many places of Delhi-NCR.

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shivering cold in rajasthan

In Rajasthan, especially in the Shekhawati region, the cold has increased its effect. Winter has troubled people from now on. According to the Meteorological Department, today’s minimum temperature is 12 degrees in Jaipur, 12 degrees in Sri Ganganagar, 6 degrees in Churu, 13 degrees in Jodhpur, 9 degrees in Bikaner, 12 degrees in Jaisalmer, 9 degrees in Udaipur, 9 degrees in Kota. is estimated.

Chance of rain in MP-Maharashtra

The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain in many districts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Outbreak of cold wave can also be seen in many areas of Madhya Pradesh. There will be a huge drop in temperature due to rain and cold wave. In the coming week, people will have to resort to fire during the day itself.

It will rain with strong winds!

According to the Meteorological Department, a cyclonic circulation is likely to emerge in the South Andaman Sea around December 4, 2022. Under its influence, a low pressure area may form over southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining south Andaman Sea around December 5. Due to which it will rain heavily in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Lakshadweep and Karnataka for the next 4-5 days.

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