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Understand the meaning of victory in elections for these six leaders including PM Modi, Kejriwal, Rahul

Assembly Election Results 2022: After the results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections are out on Thursday (December 8), political profit and loss calculations are being done. In the Gujarat Assembly elections (Gujarat Elections 2022), BJP performed much better. BJP has been in government for the last 27 years and the victory for the seventh time has increased the enthusiasm of the BJP leaders. At the same time, in Himachal Pradesh, the custom of changing power every five years remained intact. Congress is going to form the government by winning 40 seats here.

The victory and defeat of BJP and Congress in Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections have their own meaning. The decision of the public in the elections has important political significance for many leaders. At the same time, the success of 5 seats for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Gujarat elections and the performance of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi MCD is being seen as a political change in the future.

How effective is the face of Narendra Modi?

For BJP, the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) still remains the center of political attraction. The BJP may have had to face defeat in the Himachal elections, but the record performance of the BJP in the Gujarat elections is an important proof that the credibility of Modi’s face and his ability to woo the public are still intact.

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Narendra Modi won Gujarat for BJP for 20 years. In these elections, Narendra Modi not only broke his own record but also reached the highest number in the electoral history of Gujarat. PM Modi held more than 30 rallies here and showed the deep affection the public has for him.

Amit Shah is an important strategist!

The country’s current home minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah is considered an important strategist for the party. Keeping an eye on the preparations being made at the booth level, Shah played an important role in the historic victory in the Gujarat elections. With this victory, the political prestige of Shah’s party has increased further. It is said that in the year 1987, Amit Shah met Narendra Modi for the first time and helped him in the management of local municipal elections in Gujarat for the BJP. After 35 years, today Amit Shah’s stature has increased a lot. He is in the role of number two in BJP. He also has his own identity as a Gujarati leader. While holding the post of president, he showed excellent political skills and took BJP to a historic stage.

How successful is JP Nadda?

JP Nadda (JP Nadda) is the current president of BJP and the day of December 8 was going to be very important for him. Under the chairmanship of Nadda, the party registered a historic victory in Gujarat, but he failed to win the party in his home state itself. Despite campaigning vigorously in Himachal, he was unable to undo the damage caused by the anti-incumbency wave. Despite all this, he has his own identity in the party. Still, Nadda’s equation with PM Modi and Amit Shah is fine. His amicable political style and ideology hold him in good stead and he is likely to get another term as party president.

How successful is Rahul Gandhi?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is constantly making efforts to strengthen the political ground of his party. He is continuously hoping for political change through Bharat Jodo Yatra. However, in the midst of this journey, the defeat in the Gujarat elections is a setback for the party. At the same time, the victory in the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections has come as a new hope for the Congress. Rahul Gandhi has been continuously raising the issue of inflation, unemployment and poverty against the central government. He has also responded to the allegation of dynasty by leaving the post of party president. Rahul Gandhi hopes that the attitude of the public will change in the 2024 general elections.

Mallikarjun Kharge

After Mallikarjun Kharge became the Congress President, it was expected that the party would perform well in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. While the party was disappointed in Gujarat, the victory in Himachal has boosted enthusiasm. Battling the image problem of the Nehru-Gandhi family backing, Kharge displayed limited imagination in the Gujarat campaign. The Himachal victory actually gives Kharge a third state for the party to rule, but his test will now be to manage and keep the government in the state for a full five years. Kharge’s next big test will be in his home state of Karnataka, where the Congress has high hopes.

Where does Kejriwal stand?

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which was born out of a movement in Delhi, seems to be gradually consolidating its political ground. After forming the government in Delhi and Punjab in the last 10 years, winning five seats in Gujarat is considered a big success for Kejriwal. Bringing more than 10 percent vote share in Gujarat is said to be a major achievement of the party. After clearing the way for recognition as a national party, it will be more convenient for Kejriwal to do politics at the Centre.

As the CM of Delhi, Kejriwal has already been trying to live up to the expectations of the people. At the same time, now Arvind Kejriwal’s magic has worked in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections as well. The party performed brilliantly by winning 134 out of 250 seats in the MCD elections.

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