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Twitter’s big decision, will not ban such accounts, know who will benefit

Twitter has decided not to implement its Covid misinformation policy. If someone raises questions on Twitter about Corona or Vaccine, then his account will not be banned. Health and media experts have expressed a lot of concern regarding this decision.

Twitter's big decision, will not ban such accounts, know who will benefit

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The whole world has not yet emerged from the effect of Corona and Twitter The latest decision has put the health sector in a quandary. The microblogging service has decided not to implement its COVID misinformation policy. Under this policy, if a Twitter user raises questions about Corona or vaccine, or gives wrong information, then his Twitter account is banned. However, now in the name of freedom of expression anyone can write anything against Korana or vaccine. Health and media experts from all over the world have expressed concern over this decision.

On Monday night, the eyes of the users fell on the latest decision of Twitter. After which different types of reactions started coming on this decision. The microblogging platform has released an update to Twitter’s online rules in one sentence. It reads, “Twitter is no longer implementing the Kovid-19 Misleading Information Policy. With effect from 23rd November, 2022.” Now users are giving their opinion in favor and opposition regarding this decision.

silence the world

Dr. Simone Gold, a doctor by profession and a fierce advocate of misinformation regarding Kovid-19, has described Twitter’s latest decision as a victory for free expression. “This policy was used to silence those around the world who questioned the media story about the virus and treatment options,” he wrote on Twitter. Victory!”

counter appeal on twitter

Veterans of the health sector have expressed concern over this decision. Epidemiologist Eric Feigel-Ding tweeted, “Bad news, looks like Twitter has updated its Corona misinformation policy.” He urged users not to run away from Twitter, but to continue fighting against bad information about the virus. He wrote “Stay here – don’t hand over the town square to them!”

risk of spreading misinformation

Twitter’s decision to no longer remove false claims about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine has disappointed public health officials. However, he warned that this could lead to more false claims about the virus, or the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

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