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Truth can be troubled but not defeated, read 5 big lessons related to it

The cloud of lies can hide the sun of truth in life for some time, but can never end it, read 5 big motivational sentences based on truth.

Truth can be troubled but not defeated, read 5 big lessons related to it

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Madhukar Mishra

Madhukar Mishra

Updated on: Dec 03, 2022 | 11:43 PM

There is no religion in life greater than truth in life. Nothing further from the truth. For a gentleman, truth is his eternal religion. Truth always remains alone, while lies have to take support of all things in comparison to truth, but in the end only truth wins. In such a situation, one should bow down to the truth in life. The path of truth is very difficult but happiness comes in it. You would often get to hear and know such things on the walls of all the temples, from the mouth of the teachers and it is also true that speaking the truth is a good thing, but while speaking the truth it should always be kept in mind that the truth is unpleasant. Or should not be harmful to anyone. Let us know 5 motivational sentences that tell the difference between truth and falsehood in life.

  1. Religion is protected by truth, knowledge by practice, appearance by cleanliness and family is protected by your conduct.
  2. Just as it is futile to sow seeds on that land, in the same way worship, chanting and penance without truth also remains futile.
  3. Truth wishes that everyone should know it, but on the contrary, a lie is always afraid that no one may recognize it.
  4. One has to always remember the lie spoken on speaking untruth, but those who speak the truth do not have to remember anything.
  5. Truth is like that wealth, which you spend first and then enjoy it for the rest of your life, while a lie is a debt that gives you momentary pleasure, but you have to pay the debt for a lifetime.

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