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‘Till now we have killed 5…’: VIDEO of former Rajasthan BJP MLA goes viral

The video that went viral on social media is purportedly of Friday, when Ahuja had gone to meet the family of Chiranjilal Saini in Govindgarh. On the suspicion of tractor theft, some people thrashed vegetable vendor Chiranjilal badly on 14th August due to which he died during treatment. Police has arrested many accused in this case.

At the same time, in the video that came on social media on Saturday, Ahuja is seen sitting in a program in Govindgarh. In the video, he can be heard saying, “Sab log hai Govindgarh ke, movement should be started, tremendous movement should be started.” This is not the first incident.” On this, Ahuja interrupts and says, “No, till now we have killed five… whether it happened in Lalwandi, we killed in Behror… it happened for the first time in this area. Is. Otherwise, I have given a free hand to the workers to kill… whoever is found smuggling cow or cow. Will get acquitted, will also get bail. A roadmap has to be made to run the movement.

He has been accused of spreading communal hatred under Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code after the video went viral on Saturday. At the same time, the Congress has also become an attacker on the BJP leader’s viral video. Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasra has tweeted sharing a video of Ahuja.

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At the same time, the Alwar unit of BJP said that these are his personal views. BJP’s Alwar South chief Sanjay Singh Naruka told news agency PTI, “This is not the thinking of the party.” He told PTI that he was sitting with a local leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), who It was suggested to start a movement against the murder of Chiranjilal Saini. The BJP leader said, “I only told him that a strategy has to be made for the movement. I also told them that five ‘Meo’ Muslim men who smuggled cows were beaten up by our workers. It is the ‘Meo’ people who do cow smuggling and cow slaughter. Since Hindus have reverence for cows, they target such smugglers.

Ahuja said it is his duty to defend his workers and the court has to decide the matter. At the same time, BJP has distanced itself from Ahuja’s statement, calling it Ahuja’s personal opinion.

It is noteworthy that in recent years, there have been some incidents in Alwar where cow protectors attacked people of a particular community on charges of cow smuggling. In one such incident, 55-year-old Pehlu Khan was lynched to death in Behror on April 1, 2017. Similarly, another person Rakbar (aka Akbar) Khan was stopped and assaulted by some people near Lalwandi village of Ramgarh area of ​​Alwar on 20 July 2018 on suspicion of cow smuggling.

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