Tejasswi Prakash’s love for Karan is fake, this is the real boyfriend of the actress


Tejasswi-Karan Love Story : Tejasswi Prakash in Bigg Boss 15Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra (Karan Kundra) Ki love story is quite famous. Like every lovely couple, some distance comes between this couple too, but then everything gets resolved and both become one. Some people feel that Karan and Tejashwi’s love story is fake and they will break up after coming out. But both say that they really love each other and are maintaining this relationship with utmost sincerity.

Karan has even said that he is planning to come out and marry Tejashwi. But perhaps Karan is going to be shocked by coming out, because a news related to Tejashwi is coming out which is quite shocking. The news is that Tejashwi Prakash is running a really fake love story with Karan, already outside. He has a boyfriend. A media house has revealed Tejashwi’s real boyfriend. It is being said that not Karan, this person is the real boyfriend of the actress.

According to the website, Tejashwi is dating a man named Vineet Khedkar, whose nick name is Krish. Krish has deleted all the photos of Tejashwi from his Instagram some time back. According to the news, both are dating each other for almost a year. Krish is an actor. At the same time, when Krish was asked about this, he flatly denied the matter of boyfriend. Krish said that he and Tejashwi are just good friends.
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