You can find out in a jiffy whether a photo has been created with the help of AI or not, the method is very simple.

How to identify fake AI images? In the digital age, information spreads so fast from one place to another that it takes a lot to understand whether it is real or not. Recently, you must have seen many such cases on social media where many people were trolled with the help of fake AI images, many were defamed and many times awareness was also spread through AI images. Due to the increasing artificial intelligence tools, today it has become very difficult to understand whether a photo or video has been created by AI or not. Today we are going to tell you some methods with the help of which you can know whether a photo is original or not.

Find out in these ways

To find out the authenticity of any photo, first do a reverse image search. In reverse image search, the photo is taken as a query and you can do this through Google Lens. Reverse image search tells you whether a photo has been used somewhere before or not. If so, where and when was it uploaded on the internet. If for some reason reverse image search does not tell about the photo, then you can know more information about the photo by describing it on Google. For example, if there is a car in a photo, you can give its description.

AI Image Detector

You can also take the help of Artificial Intelligence to know whether a photo has been created with Artificial Intelligence tool or not. Can use image detector tools such as Hive Moderation, Optic AI or Not and Maybe’s AI Art Detector etc.

Apart from this you can also use Google AI Tool Bard You can also find out whether the photo is original or not. Actually, you can enter this query to the chatbot to tell more information related to this photo. Google’s chatbot will give you important information related to the photo like when it was taken or when it was prepared and whatever information is available related to it, you will get it here.

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