Work stopped on more than 52,000 iPhones, fire breaks out in Apple’s Pegatron plant

Apple supplier Pegatron: Apple’s Indian supplier Pegatron has asked its employees not to come to work today i.e. on Tuesday. Actually, there was a fire in Pegatron’s plant on Sunday, due to which the company has stopped the production of iPhone. Today is the second consecutive day when the company has stopped the production of iPhone. According to Reuters report, Pegatron had forbidden the employee from coming for shift on Monday also and today the work has been stopped on Tuesday also. Last Monday, the company told Reuters that a sudden fire broke out in the factory due to a spark incident, after which the work was stopped. The good thing is that there is no major damage to the plant and now the situation is under control.

Let us tell you, Apple’s supplier Pegatron has the capacity to make 26,000 iPhones every day. Besides, the company also assembles 8,000 to 12,000 iPhones every day. A local emergency department official told Reuters that fire engines from nearby stations were called in to bring the fire under control and it took about five hours.

Pegatron’s contribution

According to the report of research firm Counterpoint, Pegatron’s share in the production of Apple’s iPhone in India is about 10%. It is estimated that this time the company will sell 9 million i.e. more than 90 lakh iPhones in India. The company has started the big game of manufacturing iPhone in the country in 2017 through Wistron and later Foxconn. Apple is also emphasizing on local production following the initiative of the Indian government. This time Apple has also achieved a new record in India. The company has launched Made in India iPhone in the market as soon as the 15 series is launched in the country. Let us tell you that Apple has become India’s number 1 smartphone exporting company, leaving Samsung behind.

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