With this plan of Apple, only iPhone will be seen in India; Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Moto will be on leave!

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A few days ago, a report was presented by the India Cellular and Electronics Association, in which it was told that in the current financial year, India’s mobile phone exports can cross Rs 1.20 lakh crore. In which 50 percent stake can be of Apple. Now Apple has started planning even bigger than this. In this country of 140 billion, Apple has made such a plan to spread the iPhone, under which the iPhone and other Apple products will be visible in everyone’s hand. Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Moto, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, OnePlus will be discharged from India. Yes, Apple is going to launch its credit card. There are also reports that the company is in talks with NCPI officials for Apple Pay as well.

Will the iPhone be seen in everyone’s hand?

Apple is continuously reducing itself from China and spreading itself equally in India. Even though most smartphones are still being made in China at present, but its manufacturing is increasing in India as well. Apple has also opened two of its retail outlets in the country. In such a situation, the new announcement of the company is showing the distant thinking of the Apple Credit Card Company. The company’s plan is that everyone in the country should have an iPhone in their hands. Then no matter how much his salary is? EMI option will also be available on buying the phone or any Apple product through Apple’s credit card and no interest will be charged and the biggest thing is that cash back facility has also been given. In such a situation, one would prefer to buy iPhone only through Apple Card. Apple has tried to target the middle class of the country through this product, which buys expensive gadgets on EMI.

iPhone growth will increase in India

After this decision, an increase in the growth of iPhone can be seen. As many iPhones are being sold in India, Apple’s credit card can see an increase of 40 to 50 percent in its sales. It is estimated that even more speed can be seen in this. In the financial year 2023, Apple’s revenue was seen to be $ 6 billion. Compared to FY 2022, there was a rise of about 50 percent. In the financial year 2024, this increase can be seen by more than 50 percent. This means that local sales can be seen worth 10 billion dollars. Whereas in the financial year 2025, this estimate has been made at $ 25 billion. It is clear that Apple is moving fast to meet this target.

Apple stores may be flooded

After bringing Apple Credit Card, in the coming few years, Apple can plan to open Apple stores in every state and major cities of the country. It can start from such cities where there is more youth earning or getting good salary. For example, Apple stores can be seen launching soon in big cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. Along with this, Apple stores can also be started in cities like Gurugram and Noida-Greater Noida. So that local sales and consumption can be increased. At the same time, apart from Mumbai in Maharashtra, one can also turn towards Pune and other cities.

How much hold in the market of which mobile

  • Xiaomi has the highest market share of 22.97 percent in India.
  • Vivo’s stake in India is 16.52 percent.
  • Samsung’s market share in India is 15.11 percent.
  • Realme’s shareholding in the Indian market is 12.94 percent.
  • Oppo’s market share in India is 11.84 percent.
  • Apple’s India market share is 4.95 percent.
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