Why is the inverter installed outside the house, is there a fear of it bursting? Know every little thing

An inverter is installed in the house to run lights and fans during power cuts. You must have often seen the inverter installed outside the house. Have you ever thought that the inverter is installed only in the open part of the house? If you have never thought about this, then you do not need to worry, because we are going to tell you about it here.

Let us tell you that there are two parts in the inverter, which include UPS and battery. UPS is used to charge the battery and supply electricity in case of power failure. Electricity is stored in the battery, which always supplies charging and electricity at the direction of the UPS. Let us know why the inverter is installed outside the house.

Why keep inverter outside the house?

The inverter has wiring for charging and electricity output. Along with this, the inverter battery also explodes many times. For all these reasons, the inverter is installed in the outer part of the house, so that if there is any problem in it, the house does not suffer much damage.

Advantage of keeping the inverter outside

If the inverter is installed outside the house, then the mechanic can enter it only by pouring water from outside. By keeping the inverter outside, you can easily clean the little dirt that gets created while pouring water.

Inverter is kept out of reach of children

If you install the inverter outside the house, it remains out of reach of children. In such a situation, there is no fear of any unpleasant incident. Let us tell you that the inverter should be kept in a cupboard at a height outside the house and mesh doors should be installed in it.

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