Why does Apple launch a new iPhone every year? Tim Cook replied

Apple’s iPhones are popular all over the world. Every year, as soon as a new series is launched, people stand outside the store for hours to get a new iPhone for themselves. This time the company has launched the iPhone 15 series which is being purchased extensively. Apple launches new iPhone every year with some changes. Although many people feel that the company launches it with minor changes, while many call the new model good and latest. In an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked why the company launches new iPhones every year? Why doesn’t the company wait for a year or two? Tim Cook has answered these questions.

Why are new iPhones launched every year?

Answering this question, Tim Cook said that the new iPhone is for those who want to use the latest features and new technology. He said that thousands of people wait outside the Apple Store for the new iPhone. For all such people, the company brings new iPhones every year. He also said it is important for business. Tim Cook also told about the company’s trade-in policy and said that Apple also gives people the option to get a new iPhone in exchange for the old iPhone.

Then what does the company do with the old iPhone?

Tim Cook said that the company resells old iPhones taken from people. If the condition of the iPhone is good or slightly bad, then the company polishes it again and then it is sold. The company assembles those iPhone models which are not fit for purpose or are too damaged and use their parts for new iPhones.

The aim is to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030

Apple is working on the goal of making 100% carbon neutral iPhone by 2030. The recently launched Apple Watch is a 100% carbon neutral product. This means it will not cause any harm to nature. Apart from Apple, other mobile manufacturing companies are also working in this direction.

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