WhatsApp will turn pink after clicking on the link, do not make this mistake if you get such a message

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WhatsApp will turn pink by clicking on the link, is this message true?Image credit source: Freepik

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the country. It is very popular among the users, on this you will find all kinds of users. By the way, this app is also going ahead in the matter of scam and fraud. Recently, a new message is going viral on WhatsApp, in which people are getting a link to download ‘Pink WhatsApp’. Scammers are sending these links to many people and asking them to download the app to get the new look of WhatsApp with new features.

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If you click on Pink WhatsApp then there will be fraud

According to reports, Pink has given a warning regarding a message on WhatsApp. In their advisory, the officials have made people aware of this new fraud related to the platform and have asked them not to click on the link or download the app. This is being done to take the users of scammers into their trap and people are being looted by being fooled.

How to avoid pink WhatsApp scam

  • WhatsApp users can avoid viral pink WhatsApp links. for that you must first
  • Uninstall the fake app that you have downloaded in your mobile immediately. To uninstall, go to the Settings option. After this, go to Apps and go to Pink WhatsApp and uninstall it.
  • Always be careful and avoid clicking on any link until you verify them yourself. Only install or update apps from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, or from valid websites.
  • Do not forward any link or message to others without proper authentication.
  • Avoid sharing your personal details or financial details like login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card details etc. with anyone online as it can be misused.

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