What is the difference between processor and operating system, know what role is played in a device

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Processor vs Operating system: Whether you run a smartphone-tablet or a laptop or any other computing device, the processor and operating system play an important role in the running of all these. Both Operating System and Processor are important components of the computer, but these two are different and have differences in their functions.

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Operating System: An operating system is software that controls computer hardware and provides a dedicated means for users to interact with the hardware. It provides the services necessary for loading, processing, storing, operating and processing computer programs. For example, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS etc. are called operating systems.

Processor: Processor is a hardware component that works in the computer and operates various calculation functions. It is the main internal component of the computer and gives instructions to the programs so that they can perform the assigned tasks on the computer. As a prime example, processors like Intel, AMD, ARM etc. are called.

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Operating System: The major functions of an operating system include managing hardware, controlling processes and resources, managing file systems, supporting network operations, providing an interface between users and software, providing security, etc.
Processor: The main functions of the processor include – Scheduling program instructions, calculating and operating functions, processing data, accessing memory and registers, rerunning programs, executing algorithms, editing imperative tasks, etc. .

Processor vs Operating system: Know this difference too

Operating System: Operating System is the software that is installed and runs automatically when the computer starts. A computer may have an operating system. Processor: Processor is a hardware component that is installed on the main circuit board of the computer. A computer may have more than one processor, also known as a multicore processor.

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