What is the difference between mixer grinder and blender, which gadget is best for kitchen? Know here

Mixer grinder is one of the most used kitchen appliances in India. It helps you prepare the right masala for your favorite dish and makes chopping easier. That’s why it is also called kitchen king. If you want the mixer to help you in making the right spices for cooking, then it is important for you to buy the right mixer for yourself. Which comes with great features.

If you are also planning to buy a mixer for yourself, then today we are going to tell you about some features which are essential for any kitchen mixer, but first of all it is important for you to understand that the mixer How does a grinder work?

How does a mixer grinder work?

When you put some material inside the mixer grinder jar and turn it on, the blade starts rotating with speed in a circular motion due to the power provided by the motor, which in turn creates a circular motion at the center of the vessel (jar). Creates a vacuum. This vacuum throws the food onto the axis of the blade, while the spin motion forces it to the side. This way, you get finely chopped or ground ingredients.

Difference between mixer grinder and blender

Many people mistakenly call mixer grinder a blender, which is wrong. A mixer grinder is a machine that you can use to grind, chop, grate and dry hard spices, whereas a blender can only be used to juice soft vegetables and fruits like strawberries.

How many watts is the mixer?

Mixer grinders are available in 3 different wattage outputs. This includes mixers of 500W, 750W, and 1000W. A 500W mixer grinder offers low performance, consumes less power, and is suitable for small families with up to 4 members.

Whereas, a 750W mixer grinder gives high performance. It consumes a little more power and is perfect for an average Indian family of 4 to 5 members, whereas a 1000w mixer grinder gives very high performance. It consumes very little power and is perfect for those with multiple family members or running a restaurant.

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