What is the connection between Facebook and ads, does the app listen to you?

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Rita and Pinky were talking about the purse. The conversation ended and Rita started using Facebook on her phone. Meanwhile, an ad for the purse started appearing in his Facebook app. Seeing this, Rita felt that Facebook might be listening to her.

Many times it happens that the advertisements of the products related to the things we talk about start appearing on our phones or laptops. This especially happens with Facebook or Instagram. Apart from this, such ads are seen in other websites. Users often have doubts about these advertisements. Most people believe that Facebook (meta) listens to us. Is it really so? Know further.

Most people believe that the phone’s microphone listens to all your voices from the Facebook-Insta app, that’s why you see such ads. Let us know how true this thing is.

Facebook doesn’t listen to you?

This matter had come up long ago as well, Facebook had clearly denied that it does not listen to the users. Then how does Facebook show the ad? These ads are shown according to the activity of the users. Ad suggestion is available according to your profile, news feed, group chat, page and other material. Apart from this, keeping in mind what you see on Google browser and what are your search results, the suggestion of products comes. You also have the option to hide these ads.

What about the microphone thing?

Security has increased a lot in both iPhone and Android phones. Which details an app is taking from you can be seen by going to the app permission. Apart from this, by going to that app, you can also check which tool of the phone was last used. In this, the details of your camera, microphone are also shown.

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Apart from this, if any app is running in your smartphone, then the green light is seen burning in the screen of the phone. This means that if any app takes data from your camera-microphone or any other tool, then you will come to know about it.

then what is the matter of ad

Overall, Facebook or Instagram show ads after listening to your words, these are just things to say. It is just a coincidence that we see one of the things we talk about throughout the day in an advertisement. Just understand that we talk about 10 things throughout the day and we start seeing ads for any one of them. We are shocked to see this ad, but forget the other 9 topics which did not see the ad.

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