What is Q Star because of which Altman was fired? Know here how powerful AI is.

Sam Altman: Sam Altman of ChatGPT has returned to Open AI after a week, but many people do not know the reason why the board member removed Sam Altman from the post of CEO of ChatGPT. Let us tell you that a report behind this has claimed that Sam Altman was dismissed by the board member due to the development of Q Star software. Here we will give you all the details about Q Star software, but before that you must know about AGI or Artificial Intelligence.

What is AI and AGI?

Many chatbots including ChatGPT are working in the internet world today, all of them work according to a fixed limit and are better interactive with the users. Whereas if you are asked to imagine a software that thinks and develops like humans and its capabilities are not limited in any field. According to ChatGP, AGI can work in exactly the same way.

Let us tell you that earlier this year, Altman had posted a blog, in which he had explained in detail how AGI will work and it will have incredible new abilities that will be adept at thinking and understanding like humans. He had told in his blog that if AGI is successfully created, it will bring a revolution in the field of technology, economy and scientific discovery. However, till now no company has claimed that they have developed AGI software.

What is Q Star?

Now we come to Q Star, according to the report Open AI has developed Q Star software, which is a proof of getting very close to AGI. In such a situation, the research team of Open AI informed the company’s board members about this through a letter, after which the board members dismissed Sam Altman. Let us tell you that ChatGPT specializes only in language and translation, whereas Q Star can do math, exams and other research. Let us tell you that Open AI has not yet announced anything regarding the official Q Star software. In a letter written by the researcher to the board members of Open AI, it was claimed that Q Star could be a threat to humanity, after which the board of Open AI took the step of removing Sam Altman.

Is anyone else preparing AGI?

Till now no company has officially talked about developing AGI, but according to the report, Amazon is working in this area and is trying to develop its own AGI conversation assistant.

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