What is AI DeepFake? A video made by Rashmika Mandanna due to this is going viral, how to avoid it?

After the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in the market, people are also using it in a wrong way. People are misusing the tools which have been created for our convenience. Meanwhile, a fake video of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which has been viewed by more than 2 million people on social media so far. Actually, this video has been made with the help of deepfake and the face of the actress has been superimposed on someone else’s video.

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a type of synthetic media in which a person in an existing photo or video is replaced with someone else’s photo using AI. Due to the capability of AI, it becomes difficult for the common citizen to identify fake videos and he can easily fall into a trap.

Amitabh Bachchan alerted

This video of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna is rapidly going viral on social media. In this video, the actress is seen coming inside the lift in which she is shown in a bold style. However, the truth of this video is that this video was uploaded on Instagram on October 8 by a woman named Zara Patel. Rashmika Mandanna’s face has been superimposed in this video with the help of deepfake using Zara Patel’s body.

When you watch this video carefully, as soon as Zara Patel is entering the lift in the video, her face is changing into that of actress Rashmika Mandanna, which tells that the video is fake and it was made with the help of AI tool. Has gone. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has reacted to this video and said that this is a strong legal case and action should be taken against such people.

How to avoid?

Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence, people are using it more in wrong ways. In such a situation, nothing like this happens to you, so avoid uploading your personal photos and videos on social media because they are being edited wrongly. If possible, keep your profile private and post minimal information on your social media.

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