Voice notes on WhatsApp will disappear as soon as you listen to them, new feature introduced

WhatsApp View Once Features: To further increase the privacy of users, WhatsApp has also released the ‘View Once’ feature for voice notes. This means that now you can set the audio note to be heard only once. The benefit of this will be that no one will be able to forward or misuse your voice. The company released the View Once feature for photos and videos in 2021. Seeing its increasing use and importance, the company has now released this feature for voice notes also.

To set voice notes to view once, you need to update the app. After updating, when you record a voice note, you will get the option to set it to View Once, like it is available for photos and videos. This feature will be especially useful when you are discussing with someone of high importance. Be it your personal matters or any office project.

This feature will be available soon

The company is working on many new features to improve the user experience. Soon you will be able to set high resolution photos and videos as status in WhatsApp. That means the company will give you the option to share them in original quality. For this, you will see the option of an HD button under the status in the top bar. By default the photo will be uploaded in low quality only which you will be able to change to HD. Note, currently this update is available with some beta testers which the company can roll out for everyone in the coming time.

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