Video sharers beware! If it turns out to be fake, you will have to spend jail time.

With the advent of different platforms of social media, the craze of making videos and making it viral has increased rapidly among people. In today’s time, any video goes viral in a moment. At times, such videos also surface due to which there is a danger of violence and communal tension increasing. In such a situation, if you are sharing a video from your profile, then you should share it carefully. Because if you share any objectionable video or post, you will not only be fined but you may also have to go to jail.

Do this before sharing the video

Before sharing a video from your profile, you should check the content of that video yourself, as well as verify the source of the video and the information given in it. If all these things are negative, then you should not share such a video on your profile.

What is the provision of punishment?

Section 67 of the IT Act states that if someone is found guilty of doing this on social media for the first time, he can be jailed for three years. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 5 lakh may also have to be paid. Not only this, if such a crime is repeated again, the culprit in the case may be jailed for 5 years and may have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh.

how to complain

In case of objectionable video, you can make a written complaint about it in your nearest police station. Apart from this, state governments have created a separate cyber cell in the police department, where you can complain in writing or online.

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