Twitter: Want to run Twitter even after the read limit is over? Keep watching fresh tweets like this

Twitter reading limit: Elon Musk has set a read limit for Twitter users. Under this, blue tick users can see 10,000 posts in a day, unverified users 1,000 posts and newly added users can see only 500 posts in a day. After the limit is reached, the Twitter app will not work and you will be locked. Means you will not be able to see fresh tweets. But today we are going to tell you a method, with the help of which you will be able to see fresh tweets even after the limit is over.

this is the trick

Actually, read limit on Twitter only works on mobile. That is, if you run Twitter on the web version, then there is no limit here. In such a situation, if your limit is reached, then you can open your Twitter account in the web and see the fresh tweets. This trick has also been shared with famous tipster Abhishek Yadav on Twitter. Currently this trick is working and you can see unlimited fresh tweets like this.

That’s why this step was taken

Alan Musk has taken this step to reduce data scraping. Actually, till now Twitter was an open platform in which people could access the content of Twitter even without creating an account. Also there was no read limit due to which anyone could see any number of tweets. Due to this data was being stolen, due to which Musk has taken this step. One reason behind this move is that many big companies are using open domain data to train their AI chatbots. That is, they are using all the publicly available data.

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