Truecaller launches AI Assitance feature, will now get rid of spam calls

Truecaller AI Assistance Feature: Spam calls are on the rise. Generally, every person receives one or the other such call during the day which is spam. Truecaller has rolled out a new AI powered feature to get rid of spam calls. The company has released the AI ​​Assitance feature which uses machine learning and cloud telephony to tell people whether they should pick up the call or not. Currently AI Assistance is available for Android users. You can use this feature by downloading the latest version of the app.

Truecaller’s new feature automatically picks up calls and transcribes the caller’s voice to tell the user whether they should pick up the call or not. If you have turned on this feature and you are away from the phone, then if a call comes, Truecaller itself picks up the call and informs you if it is spam. Truecaller MD India Rishit Jhunjhunwala said that till now Truecaller used to show you who is calling but now you can let Truecaller assistant interact with the caller on your behalf so that you do not have to pick up unnecessary spam calls.

How does the new feature work?

By keeping this feature on, whenever you get a call, you can transfer it to Digital Assistance. Means AI will pick up your call instead of you. AI will convert the voice of the caller into text and will tell you whether you should take the call or not.

Currently, this feature is available for Android users on a 14-day free trial. After the trial is over, you can add an assistant as part of the Truecaller Premium Assistant plan starting at Rs 149 per month. Let us tell you, this plan is currently available for Rs 99 under the promotional deal. Truecaller Assistance initially supports English, Hindi and ‘Hinglish’ in India. If you want, you can customize the AI ​​message and change the voice.

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