This rule is going to change on WhatsApp in the new year, now chat backup will not be free

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">WhatsApp currently gives Android users the facility to save their chats in Google Drive. That means you can take backup of messages, photos and videos. The advantage of this is that when you change your mobile phone, your data is easily transferred to the new phone. Currently you can backup any amount of data with Google Drive account. This means that WhatsApp does not currently use your Google Drive account storage for backup. Chat backup has been free in Android for about 5 years. WhatsApp itself used to store the data. But this rule is going to change from the new year.

Now Android users will have to backup their chats with the storage of Google Drive account. That means, you will be able to take as much backup as you have as much storage as you have. If Google Drive storage is falling short then you will have to buy additional space from Google. WhatsApp will no longer store your chats in its servers.

You can choose this option instead of chat backup

WhatsApp had added the option of transfer chats to the app last year. With its help you can transfer your chats from one phone to another. For this it is necessary for both the phones to be on the same WiFi network. If you prefer to backup chats in your Google Drive account only, then you can choose the option of ‘Only Messages’ for chat backup. In this, your photos and videos will not be backed up and the account storage will also not cost much.

According to the report of The Verge, WhatsApp has rolled out this update in Android beta version and soon it will go live for common Android users also. This update will be implemented on all Android users by the first half of 2024 and the company will start giving you information about it 30 days in advance. You will see a banner inside the chat backup with information about this.

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