This feature is coming back on Twitter, Musk gave information in X post

Elon Musk has shared this information in an X post that soon after the new update on the platform, the title will also start appearing along with the photo. Actually, when news publishers or creators post a link on Twitter, the headline of the article appears above the photo. However, Musk had closed it in the month of August. After this, when publishers posted a link on the platform, users could not see the headline in the photo, due to which users read the news less or ignored it. The solution to this was that the companies started writing headlines on the photos so that users would click on the news. However, now Musk has talked about giving back this feature.

News publishers will benefit

After the update, when news publishers post a link on Twitter, the headline of the news will automatically appear above the image and they will not have to write anything separately on the photo. When Elon Musk discontinued this feature in August, he argued that it made photos look useless and users did not spend much time on the platform. Along with this, Musk was also promoting ‘X Subscription Service’ through this. Musk wants more and more publishers to write news on X and also earn money from it.

Let us tell you, this update has come when many top companies like IBM, Apple, Disney, Warner Bros., Discovery, Paramount and Comcast/NBCUniversal have stopped advertising on X. In fact, Musk agreed with the posts that promote anti-Semitism. Due to this, these companies have stopped advertising on the platform.

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