These users of WhatsApp will soon get a new feature, they will be able to choose input and output devices, know the details.

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp is working on a new feature for its Windows app. Soon you will get an option of ‘Video and Voice’ in the Windows app with the help of which you will be able to choose input and output devices. That means you will be able to switch between speaker, laptop speaker, headphones, earphones etc. If you have attached a camera to the laptop, you will be able to change it also. Currently, there is no setting available to select input and output devices in the Windows app. Users have to do this work by going inside the app settings. That means one has to change the input and output device by going to the app settings in the laptop.

To make this work easier, the company is giving a new option inside the app. Currently this update has been seen in version 2.2401.0.0 of Windows Beta. In the coming time, the company can roll it out for everyone. The ability to choose input and output devices will also change the audio and video call quality and your experience.

Many new features will be added to WhatsApp this year

This year you will get many new features in WhatsApp including username, meta AI, pin chats, chat filter. The most special feature is going to be the username feature with the help of which you will be able to connect with each other even without the number. Every person will have a unique username and this will be visible to the other person while chatting. Last year, WhatsApp has added many great features to the app including chat lock, email link, passkeys etc. If you have not yet linked your email address with WhatsApp, then definitely link it because with its help you will be able to login to your account even without a mobile number.

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