The government will give a unique ID number to every person using a mobile phone, why? what will be the benefit

Unique Customer ID for Mobile Subscribers: The Government of India will soon provide a unique ID number to mobile subscribers. This ID number will act like an identification card which will contain information about everything related to our primary and add-on phone connections. Like how many phones you use, how many SIM cards you have, which SIM is active where, as well as how many SIM cards have been issued in your name. According to the report of The Financial Express, with the help of this ID number, the government will keep all the information related to your mobile at one place and if needed, it can be accessed through some numbers.

This unique ID will be exactly like the 14-digit Ayushman Bharat digital health account which is linked to the Aadhaar card. With the help of this ABHA number, all your health history remains at one place and you do not have to take all the reports and documents to doctors from different places and doctors can easily know all your records with the help of ABHA number. Similarly, mobile ID will also work.

Why was there a need?

Actually, this unique mobile ID has been brought so that the tracking system can be made effective, as well as the common user can be kept safe from fraud. With the help of this ID number, the government will be able to cancel fake SIM cards and excessively allotted SIM cards. Currently, the Department of Telecommunications conducts audit using AI-based facial recognition technology in various Licensed Service Areas (LSAs) and then the over-allotted SIM cards are blocked.

This unique ID will be given to you by the government when you apply for a new connection. Along with this, while buying a new SIM card, you will also have to tell who will use it. Apart from your SIM card, other information including income, age, education will also be collected in the mobile ID number.

Let us tell you that in the last 6 months, DoT has disconnected more than 6.4 million fraudulent phone connections detected with the help of facial recognition technology. With the help of the new unique mobile ID number, this process can be further expedited and common people will be protected from fraud.

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