Telegram will roll out this feature next month, the popularity of the app will increase!

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Telegram CEO Pavel Durov unveiled the upcoming edition of the Stories feature in the popular messaging app. According to the news of GizmoChina, the new feature, which is going to start in the beginning of July, was demanded by the users for a long time. is in constant demand, as more than half of all feature requests received by Telegram were related to the integration of Stories.

Ability to control the visibility of Stories

Initially, Telegram was reluctant to integrate this feature, citing its ubiquitous presence on different platforms. But, responding to the demand of the users, the company has decided to go ahead with it. The implementation of Stories on Telegram will give users the ability to control the visibility of their Stories, from making it available to everyone to only specific contacts or close friends groups. Stories will appear in an expandable section at the top of users’ chat list.

Will get these facilities

In a user-friendly feature, Telegram will provide an option to hide stories posted by certain contacts. This can be done by moving the specific contact’s stories to a hidden list within the contact. Additionally, users can add captions, links and tag other users to their stories. A unique feature being introduced allows users to post pictures and videos captured by both front and rear cameras simultaneously.

There will be an option to set the expiry date of the stories.

In addition, users can set the expiration date of their stories, with the option to make them disappear in six, 12, 24, or 48 hours. There is also an option to keep Stories permanently displayed on a user’s profile page, similar to Instagram’s Story Highlights feature. Telegram hopes this feature will enrich user-profiles and foster a more intimate relationship between contacts.

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