Sterlite Technologies developed the world’s thinnest fiber cable, know its features

World’s thinnest 160 micron fiber: Pune’s Sterlite Technologies has showcased 160 micron optical fiber at the Indian Mobile Congress. The company has claimed that this is the world’s thinnest optical fiber which will play an important role in communication. This concept has been planned and developed at STL’s Center of Excellence in Maharashtra and the company has become the first company globally to develop and patent this technology.

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav unveiled

Union Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnav unveiled the optical fiber at the 7th edition of the Indian Mobile Congress. He joined two strands of this 160-micron fiber together. It is a highly calibrated process to perfectly join two hair-thin optical fiber cores.

What is the specialty?

The cable made of 160 micron fiber developed by Sterlite Technologies can pack 3 times more capacity than traditional 250-micron fiber. This means that more cables can fit in one stand than before. Also STL said that the diameter of this micron fiber is 6.4 mm which is 32% less than the old 250-micron fiber. This allows more cables to be packed in less space and will revolutionize 160-micron fiber network deployment, bandwidth capacity and green quotient.

Cable meets telecom standards

These fiber cables feature telecom-grade optical performance and comply with the ITU G.657A2 standard. The company said that this announcement comes after a series of innovations by our R&D experts including India’s first multicore fiber with 4X capacity and 180-micron fiber. STL Group CTO, Dr. Badri Gomatam said that the new fiber will also play an important role in India’s broadband scenario and will meet the growing needs of the country.

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