Starlink’s license stuck, government not satisfied with company’s response

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<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Elon Musk’s Starlink: Musk’s company Starlink is waiting for a license from the government to operate in India. Some time ago the company had applied for IN-SPACe. Meanwhile, the latest update is that the Indian government is not satisfied with the answers received from Musk’s company on ‘Data Storage and Transfer’. The government has sought satisfactory answers from the company. If the company is unable to do this, then it will have to sign an unconditional compliance and give it to the Government of India. That means the company will have to work according to the rules and regulations of the Government of India. For those who don’t know what Starlink is? So actually, this is a satellite constellation system. That means you will get internet connection directly from satellite. Its advantage is that you can get internet anywhere, whether you are in the mountains or at sea.

Government wants to keep data safe

At present, the Home Ministry is investigating every aspect related to Musk’s company Starlink, including things related to data security, storage etc. According to the ET report, a meeting is scheduled for the end of this week in which Starlink executives are expected to attend. In this meeting, the Ministry will discuss all the issues with the company and will also want a satisfactory answer. Actually, the Indian government wants to keep the data of its citizens safe within the country.

On data storage and security, Musk’s company says that it follows international rules because the satellite constellation is global and data traffic is kept on that basis. However, the Indian government feels that if the data is not limited to the territorial limits of the country, then the data can go outside and the government cannot do anything outside the country.

Reliance and OneWeb got license

Bharti Group-backed OneWeb and the satcom arm of Reliance Jio have already been granted GMPCS licenses by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Musk’s Starlink is the third company that has applied for a license to provide satcom services in the Indian market. If the company follows the rules, the government can soon give it a license.

Let us tell you, under India’s new space policy 2023, now foreign companies can also provide satellite services by setting up their infrastructure in India. For this, companies will have to take approval from IN-SPACe. The government has given IN-SPACe the authority to give approval to both government and private satcom companies.

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