Starlink: Starlink ready to enter India again, know how it will benefit you?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day US tour, let us tell you that PM Modi has recently met Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. In the meeting between PM Modi and Elon Musk, many issues were discussed, including the matter related to Tesla and Starlink (Satellite Internet Service). After the meeting, Elon Musk said that he is planning to bring Starlink satellite internet service in India. What will change in India with the entry of Starlink?

What is Starlink and what is its purpose?

First of all, you have to understand what is Starlink? For the information of the people, let us tell you that this is a satellite constellation system whose purpose is to provide internet connectivity to the people living in remote areas. Let us tell you that by May 2023, Starlink had more than 4,000 satellites in orbit.

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Starlink was registered in India in 2021

Now let’s talk about Starlink and India’s connection? This is not the first time that there is talk of Starlink coming to India, remind that in 2021, Starlink registered its service in India through a local unit named Starlink Satellite Communications Private Limited. The company’s plan was to reach 200,000 customers by December 2022 and after the announcement, the company also received 5,000 pre-orders.

‘Starlink’ was stuck due to this talk of the government

At the end of 2021, the government told Starlink that they would first have to get a license to offer their services in India. Not only this, the government also warned the company for taking more bookings, the government also informed people not to buy Starlink’s services.

What will be the benefit of Starlink’s entry

After the recent meeting of PM Modi and Elon Musk, the way for Starlink’s entry in India seems to be clear again. But the question is, how will Starlink’s entry in India change India’s internet ecosystem? It is being said that with the arrival of Starlink in India, internet speed and other things will improve.

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Especially when work is going on to increase the reach of 5G in India. Starlink is capable of providing high speed internet even in remote areas. Although the speed of 300Mbps will not be possible in remote areas, but users will definitely get the benefit of high speed internet facility.

Starlink price in India a matter of concern

The cost of Starlink plans is a matter of concern because internet is cheap in India and cheap plans are the only way to attract customers in a market like India. Now the thing to be seen in such a situation will be that how the expensive services of Starlink can make their place among the customers in India.

Starlink’s monthly plans cost $90 (about Rs 7374) in the US. Explain that if Starlink has to make a strong hold among the customers in India, then the company will have to reduce the prices of its plans.

How does Starlink work?

Like other satellite communication networks, Starlink also uses radio signals through the vacuum of space. Ground stations catch these signals and broadcast them to satellites in orbit. After this, these satellites send data back to the users living on the earth. SpaceX only operates Starlink and the company’s plan is to acquire 42,000 satellite networks.

starlink internet speed

Starlink currently offers internet speed of up to 300Mbps. According to a report by Ookla that came out some time ago, there has been a steady increase in speed in the US and Canada. The download speed in Canada was recorded at 93.97Mbps which is faster than any other satellite internet provider.

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