Smartphone with 24GB RAM is coming, do you need this much RAM?

Last week there was news that OnePlus Group will soon introduce a smartphone with 24 GB RAM. It is believed that OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will be the first handset of the group to offer a smartphone with so much RAM. By the way, the world’s first smartphone with 24 GB RAM (Random Access Memory) has become Red Magic 8S Pro (Nubia Redmagic 8s Pro). The announcement of this device is going to happen today itself. Currently 16 GB RAM is the maximum memory capacity. Although there are some products with 18 GB, but they are mostly limited to China. Now the question is whether 24GB RAM (24GB RAM smartphone) is really needed in the user’s phone?

How much RAM is required to run basic apps

According to GizmoChina, in the year 2023, you need at least 4GB of RAM to run basic apps. For those unaware, RAM is the fastest memory chip inside any device. Whenever you boot your smartphone or any other computer, the system software is loaded into RAM. RAM is also the memory where apps (including games) are loaded when launched. Hence it is vital for the functioning of your smartphone.

Budget smartphone debut with 4GB RAM

According to the news, at least 2 GB RAM is necessary to run Android 13 at the moment. Earlier it was only 1 GB. These days, you will find modest RAM only on entry-level smartphones that come with Android Go edition. At the same time, most budget smartphones start with 4GB of RAM. You might not be able to multitask on this type of handset, but all modern apps will run smoothly on them.

Ideal size of RAM on Smartphone

As per reports, apps consume around 100-200MB of RAM. Some games can take up to 1.5GB or more of space. In the year 2023, it has been advised to buy a phone with at least 8GB of RAM. This is the reason why even popular flagship smartphones like the latest Samsung Galaxy S series start with 8GB of RAM.

Having more RAM is not a guarantee of ideal experience

By the way, if your handset has high capacity RAM (high capacity RAM smartphone), then you can run multi apps in the background. Unfortunately not all phones have a large amount of RAM. Such phones are usually sold by Chinese brands and their software by default gives priority to battery life. Thus, these handsets with 18GB RAM tend to exclude apps from RAM even when there is enough free memory. You will need to manually manage each app on these devices to optimally utilize the maximum available RAM. Sometimes it doesn’t even work.

In some cases 24 GB RAM is correct

It is also okay for some smartphones to feature 24GB of RAM. Although it would be better to see such a memory (high capacity RAM smartphone) on a device like a foldable which opens into a tablet. Because they are productive machines and designed to do many things at the same time. Similarly, having 24GB of RAM in a gaming smartphone would also be beneficial as you can keep multiple games running in the background and switch between them.

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