Reply option will soon be available on WhatsApp channel, when will this feature be revealed, know here

WhatsApp Channel Feature: WhatsApp has recently launched the Channels feature, which is similar to the feature present on Instagram. Through this feature of WhatsApp, users can create their own channel or group and send information to people, but this feature currently does not have the option of reply, which WhatsApp is going to update soon.

As WABetainfo reports, beta users on Android are getting the update, which adds a new feature that is “designed to keep channel creators informed about the status of their channels, especially when they’re in specific countries.” “I’m locked in.”

WhatsApp feature will not work in banned countries

Those users will not be able to use the channel feature of WhatsApp in countries where the WhatsApp channel feature has been banned. The person creating the channel will get this information, in which he will know that the user of the said number is not able to access the channel due to restriction.

Reply option will be available on update channel

WhatsApp is soon going to add the option of reply to the channel to inform the channel creator about their content. In which the channel creator will get information about the reply through a popup. Also, full care will be taken of the privacy of the person replying, so that his number does not become public.

This is how you can create a WhatsApp channel

  • To access the channel on WhatsApp Web, you just have to click on the channel icon.
  • After this, select Create Channels and then click on Continue and follow the onscreen guide.
  • Now give the channel a name to complete the setup.
  • Let us tell you that you have the option to instantly customize your channel with details and icons.
    Fill in some of your details in the channel description.
  • To make your channel stand out, you can add an image from your phone or the web to the channel icon.
  • After doing this, click on ‘Create Channel’ and your work will be done.

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