Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal launches his chatbot, what is different in it from Chat GPT?

Krutrim AI: Recently, Ola Company CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has launched Krutrim AI to compete with Chat GPT and other large language models. At the launch event, Aggarwal also gave a demo video of the chatbot to show how it works. If you have missed it, then here we are telling you how you can access the chatbot yourself on mobile. The special thing about this chatbot is that it has not been trained on western data like other chatbots, rather it is trained on Indian data and it can also do coding in real time.

You will be able to use it like this in mobile

To use Krutrim AI in your mobile, you have to go to https://chat.olakrutrim.com/home website. After this you will have to enter your mobile number, name, mail ID and then the OTP received on the number. After this you will be able to use this chatbot. This chatbot looks similar to Chat GPT. In this you will get support of 22 languages. Also, from the first quarter of 2024, this chatbot will start understanding all other languages. The company has trained this chatbot on 2 trillion tokens and it can currently answer in 10 Indian languages.

This chatbot can also hear voices

The company also said that Krutrim AI has been trained on 20 times more Indian tokens than other models. Besides, you can also give commands to this chatbot through voice and in return this chatbot will also respond to you by speaking.

Aggarwal will give another good news on New Year

The Krutrim AI team said that they are also working on Krutrim Pro which will be launched next year. This will be a multi model which will be advanced and more powerful than the basic version.

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