Not only phones, smart TVs and speakers also spy on you, what to do to avoid

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Not only phones, smart TVs and speakers also spy on you, what to do to avoidImage credit source: Freepik

If you have a smart TV, smartphone and speakers in your house then be careful. As you all know that there is a danger of safety from the smartphone. But not only smart phones, your TV and speakers also spy on you. Actually, when you use any smart device, then you are connected to the Internet, then your safety and privacy are in danger. Here we will tell you how smart devices put you in danger along with making you smart and how you can avoid it.

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There is a risk of privacy in Smart Tv

Smart Tv’s built-in camera and microphone comes with features to identify your voice and face. With this, hackers can easily access it, due to which you can be spied on. Similarly, your smart phone and speakers also become successful in spying on you.

Now you must be thinking that smart TV and smart phone are fine but how can speakers spy? So answer, we will tell you how speakers, smart TV and smart phone spy on you.

How smart speakers spy on you

According to the report, in October 2017, Google confirmed that due to a small glitch in its Google Home Mini smart speaker, the device was recording users’ conversations without informing them. Although the company has fixed the bug with a software update, it cannot completely ignore the threat to privacy from the Google Home Mini and other smart speakers like it.

Google Home and other smart speakers are listening in on your conversations all the time. They actively include “hotwords” or “wake words” such as “OK Google”, “Hey Google”, “Hey Alexa”. These wake words act as triggers for the device.

Avoid spying on smart devices, phones and speakers like this

smart TV: By the way, the settings of smart TVs are different and the features of each TV are also different. But today we will tell you about a Samsung TV in which you get an option which you can disable and save yourself from this danger.

Go to Samsung’s Settings and click on Smart Hub Policy. Here you will be shown many options, in this you will see the option of Sync Plus and Marketing. If this option is enabled, then disable it immediately.

smart fone: Add passcode to your smartphone. Avoid giving your phone in the hands of a stranger. Do use public WiFi. Before running any app, check which details of yours it is using. Do not share your personal details with anyone online.

Smart Speaker: Keep the microphone of your speakers muted without need. In this you get a physical switch which you can turn on with your command. Delete your command history from time to time. Apart from this, enable two-factor authentication. Disconnect unnecessary devices from your smartphone.

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