New features added to Microsoft Paint, now it will work like photo shop

Microsoft Paint New Feature: Microsoft launched Paint in 1985 and this graphics editor was included in all Windows editions. With time, many improvements have been seen in Paint and photo editing has become much easier than before. Now once again Microsoft has added two new features to Paint.

Pencil and brush have been added to these two new features of Paint, which improve the layers and transparency of the photo. This updated version of Paint (version 11.2308.18.0 or higher) has started rolling out on Windows Insiders Canary and Dev channels.

These facilities will be available in pencil and brush features

In the updated version of Paint, you will be able to enhance even the most difficult pictures. In the new Paint, you will be able to remove layers of pixels and add them to the canvas. Along with this, you can easily lift and move the picture layer on top of another picture.

Let us tell you that this updated version of Paint will be available only to those users who have signed up for Windows Insider Software Build. This simply means that Microsoft has not rolled out the updated Paint version for all Windows users, but it is likely to be rolled out for everyone soon.

How to work with layers on MS Paint

  • The concept of layers in Microsoft Paint is similar to that in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Windows Insiders can click the New Layers button in the toolbar.
  • This will open a panel at the edge of the canvas where they can add new layers to the canvas.
  • The panel will allow users to change the order of layers and the canvas area will provide subsequent changes.
  • Users can show or hide individual layers and duplicate or merge layers together.

Starting background removal in Paint

Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced background removal in the Paint app for Windows Insiders in Canary and Dev channels (version 11.2306.30.0). With this feature users will get to automatically remove any image background in just one click, leaving a seamless cutout.

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