New feature coming soon in Google Chrome, then websites will not be able to track data and location

Google Chrome IP Security: If you use Google Chrome then there is a good news for you. Actually, the company is soon going to provide a feature called ‘IP Protection’ in the app, after which websites will not be able to track your location and browsing history. Currently, what happens on the app is that when you open any website, the website host can track your browsing history along with your location. With its help you are targeted through ads. To protect users from all this, the company is introducing a feature called ‘IP Protection’ in which Google will use its own proxy server and your internet address will not be visible to the website host.

For those who don’t know what an IP address is, it is actually a number given to your device to identify where you are accessing the internet from. That is, this number is used to know the device connected to the Internet. With its help, advertisers track your location and browsing habits.

Initially only a few people will get this feature

According to the company, the IP address feature will be rolled out in several phases in which in Phase 0, Google-owned domains (such as Gmail) will be redirected to a single proxy server. Initially, this feature will be accessible to a select few people in the US. Later the company can roll it out for everyone.
The company said that the upcoming IP address feature will be only for those who login to Chrome. To ensure that this feature is not misused, the company will implement an authentication server which will set a quota for every user.

The company will also begin using a 2-hop proxy system that essentially redirects a website’s requests to a Google server which will then be redirected to an external CDN like Cloudflare.

This is not a foolproof system

While Google’s IP address feature improves the privacy of users, the company has also made it clear that it is not a foolproof system. If a hacker gets access to Google’s proxy server, he can redirect all the traffic from this server to some other place which can put the users in trouble.

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