Microsoft releases Copilot app for Android users, this paid feature like Chat GPT is included in it

All the tech giants want to keep themselves ahead in the AI ​​race. Every day something new is happening in the field of AI. Recently Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat as Copilot. Now the company has released a dedicated app for Android users. This app is similar to Chat GPT. However, some additional features are available in it. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

How is Copilot app different from Chat GPT?

In Microsoft’s Copilot app, you get the facility to ask questions and answers like Chat GPT. Apart from this, it has the facility of image creation, draft notes for emails and documents and GPT-4 through DALL-E 3. GPT-4 is a paid feature in Open AI’s Chat GPT, whereas it is free in Copilot. At present the company has released this app only for Android users. This app may also go live for iOS users in the coming time.

To use the app you have to login. You will have to register when using it for the first time. You can also access Copilot from the company’s website. For this you have to go to Here you can login through Microsoft account, Skype or mobile number.

You can create songs with copilot

Actually, the company has partnered with Cambridge-based AI music startup Suno. Common users of Microsoft will benefit from this partnership and they will be able to create AI songs through the company’s chatbot. First of all you have to login to Copilot and then click on the option of Turn on Suno Plugin or Make Music with Suno. Now you have to enter a text prompt. This text prompt should be very short and understandable.

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