Meta launches Imagine AI tool, you can create photos by writing text, know the method

Imagine AI Tools: Meta has launched a standalone version of its text to image generation AI tool, Imagine. Now you can access this tool through the website apart from the messaging app. This tool was shown at the company’s Connect event last month and is now live for everyone. You can use this tool by visiting website. After login, you will have to give a text prompt and this tool will show you matching 4 photo prompts.

There will be watermark on the photo made with AI

To prevent misuse of AI tools, Meta has added a watermark feature to its Imagine AI tool. This will happen that when you create a photo with AI tool, a watermark will appear on the left side of it. Apart from this, the company is working on an invisible watermarking system which will be visible even if the photo is cropped, edited or screenshotted. Let us tell you, to create photos through text, it is necessary to have a Meta account. If you don’t have an account, you can login with Google, Facebook or Instagram.

Company working on many new AI features

Meta is testing dozens of new generative AI features in its apps. The company is working on a feature called “Expander” in Instagram that will give users the ability to convert a landscape photo into a portrait in Stories. Apart from this, the company is also supporting reels on Meta AI chat. The advantage of this will be that you can also ask for reels in response to any question from the chatbot. For example, if you are planning to travel somewhere with your friends, then you can ask this tool to show you the travel destination and the reels related to it.

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