Meta Connect 2023: AI chatbot, smart glasses launched, know the special features of the event here

Meta Connect 2023: Facebook’s parent company Meta organized Meta Connect 2023. Meta launched many great products in this two-day event, in which Meta launched AI Chatbot, Smart Glasses, Meta Quest 3, Xbox Cloud Gaming and EMU- AI Stickers.

Meta organized the Meta Connect 2023 event in Menlo Park, California, where Meta’s main office is located. People came from all over the country and abroad to cover this program. Mark Zuckerberg also made many other announcements at the Meta Connect 2023 event.

Generative AI Chatbot

A multi-persona chatbot was introduced by Meta at the Meta Connect 2023 event. This chatbot can generate both text reactions and photo-realistic images. Zuckerberg said that with this new innovation he will ensure that these technologies are accessible to everyone. It is important to create new products that are affordable for everyone. Zuckerberg also revealed that the chatbot will receive real-time information through its partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

He said that the company is also creating a platform which can be used by developers and common people together. They can use this to create their own custom AI bots, which will have profiles on Instagram and Facebook and appear as avatars in the metaverse.

meta quest 3

Also launched at the event was the Quest 3, a handset model with a higher resolution display and better graphics. The device uses full color pass through technology to deliver 10 times more pixels and cover a 110 degree field of view. Meta Quest 3 has been launched by Meta at a price of $500, which also includes a 6-month subscription of Quest+ VR.

xbox cloud gaming

Meta also announced Quest Software in this event, this will be the next generation software, in which Rolox will also be included. Through this software, plotting can be done in virtual screen and mixed reality space. Meta is going to launch it in December this year.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Meta has introduced you its new Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. In this you will find two round modules on the sides of both the eyes, in which a 12 megapixel camera and an LED light are provided. This allows you to record others. Along with this, you can livestream with your friends and followers with these glasses. Now you can pre-order it and its price starts at $299.

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