Many iPhone models are automatically switching off at night, is yours too? check like this

iPhone users are facing a new kind of problem. Some users have reported through social media that their iPhone is automatically switching off at night and turns on in the morning before the alarm rings. Users have shared their battery usage graph through Twitter, which shows that the iPhone is completely stopping its activity for a few hours. This type of problem is occurring in Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone SE Gen 1 and other models.

One thing common in all this is that all these devices are working on iOS 17. This is Apple’s latest operating system. At present, no information has been shared by the company as to why this is happening. Maybe this is happening due to some bug. However, no official information is available on this subject yet. 9to5Mac reports that some users are also seeing the passcode screen which usually comes when the mobile is restarted.

The whole game is happening by putting the phone on charging.

A user wrote on Twitter that my iPhone 13 turned off while charging last night… I have iOS 17.0.3. The user has also shared the battery graph to support his point. Another wrote, “My iPhone 13 turned off at 1am last night and turned back on right before my alarm, this is weird. Let us tell you, users are facing the problem of iPhone switching off and on automatically when they are charging the phone at night.

Is this game happening with your phone too?

To know if this is happening with your phone, follow the steps given for this.

First of all, go to iPhone’s Settings and go to Battery option and tap on ‘Last 24 hours’ option. With this you will know the performance of your battery for the last 24 hours. If your mobile is also affected by this bug then you will also see a gap in the battery graph. Let us tell you, a bug has already appeared in iOS 17 due to which the iPhone was heating up rapidly.

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