Is Elon Musk telling the truth or lying about Twitter traffic? These figures say otherwise

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Twitter Ban: Since taking over Twitter, Musk has made many changes in it. We all are now ready to see something new on this platform. Recently, Musk has put a read limit on the platform. Under this, blue tick users will be able to see only 10,000 tweets in a day, unverified users 1,000 tweets and newly added unverified users only 500 tweets in a day. Apart from this, people who do not have an account on Twitter can no longer access anything related to the platform.

Musk has taken this step to reduce data theft. Actually, till now Twitter was an open platform, due to which anyone could access its data and use it anywhere. After the introduction of AI tools, data theft on the platform had increased further, after which Musk has taken this decision.

Recorded highest users – Musk

Elon Musk had made a tweet on the previous day in which he said that the most active users on Twitter last week were registered on a second basis. Even before this, Musk has made such claims. In an interview with the BBC in April, Musk said the social media app was setting records for user engagement and that major advertisers were returning.

However, Similarweb’s report says something else and the company said that Twitter has seen a year-on-year decline of 18.7 percent. According to SimilarWeb, “Worldwide visits to declined by 7.3% year-on-year in March, marking the third consecutive month of decline. Twitter’s user engagement is continuing to decline.”

Similarweb’s report also states that average daily active users declined by 9.8 percent and monthly active users declined by 8 percent in March for Android apps. Musk made a tweet in the month of March, which he also reiterated in a BBC interview, that Twitter is now recording more than 8 billion minutes of user engagement per day, which is a new record.

Monthly traffic fluctuations

SimilarWeb said in its report that we found no evidence that Twitter’s previous management ever reported this particular metric, adding that this is a claim that the company cannot confirm. The report said that Twitter’s traffic has been fluctuating every month over the past few years and there is no fixed pattern of growth. That is, there is no proof of what Musk is saying.

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