In less than a month, this person earned crores of rupees through AI, what did he do?

artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is being described as a technology that is going to eat people’s jobs. Today AI tools are doing all the work which a human being has been doing till now. The specialty of AI tools is that they do the work quickly, accurately and intelligently. Well, it is not true that AI tools will eat people’s jobs. Rather people can earn crores through AI because now this technology is new and there are immense possibilities in it. Meanwhile, one such news has come to the fore where AI has become a boon for a person and today he is earning crores.

Actually, 32-year-old Cypriot entrepreneur Ole Lehman used to invest in crypto. He was doing this work for 6 years. But after the FTX crash on 11 November 2022, he suffered a severe loss. After this he felt that his life was ruined and he would not be able to do anything now.

Life changed after 2 weeks

He came to know about Chat GPT after the FTX crash. Lehmann started doing research on Chat GPT and then he became interested in it. After this, in January, Lehman created an account on Twitter in which he started posting tips and information related to AI. His experience grew over time and in April he launched “The AI ‚Äč‚ÄčSolopreneur”, a Twitter account that gives solo entrepreneurs tips on using AI to increase production. People loved these tips and within just 65 days, he had 100,000 followers.

launched this course

Seeing the increasing interest of people in AI, Ole Lehmann created the “AI Audience Accelerator” course which cost $179. The objective of this course was to improve content marketing for entrepreneurs through AI. Within a month, 1,078 people bought his course. In this way, his earning went above 1 crore in a month itself.

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